About MonteLabs

MonteLabs provides audit and development of Ethereum smart contracts ensuring high quality and security, as well as private blockchain frameworks.

Blockchain Services


Be part of the Ethereum world with an optimized and secure DApp. We develop and ensure the security of your brand new smart contracts, optimizing the code in order to use less gas, therefore reducing the usage fees.


Make sure your Ethereum smart contract is free of vulnerabilities and bugs with our Audit service. Using our expertise and the latest formal verification technology for smart contracts, we either show the correctness of your code or find and fix the problems.

Create your Token

We have the solution for your decentralized business model's cryptocurrency. Building a new Token and running an ICO are critical tasks, and we can help you move through these moments.

Private blockchain

A private blockchain brings security to transactions made within a set of trusted parties, where business roles are previously defined.